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Announcing Anvil’s upgraded Free plan - now includes 1,000 PDF API requests a month

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By Mang-Git Ng

Push the envelope with Anvil’s upgraded Free plan which now comes with 1,000 PDF Service API requests, 10 Workflow submissions, and 10 Etch E-sign packets per month.

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Anvil’s mission is to help the world move off of paperwork and into datawork. So much of business still runs on PDFs, e-signatures, and manual data-entry. That's why Anvil has built software tools that support the way work is done today, while also providing a modern, API-first interface to  accelerate innovation and the transition to a data-first world.

From the beginning, some of Anvil’s best customers have been technology-forward companies looking to bring software automation to an antiquated industry. Many of these companies are pushing the envelope of what is possible, modernizing legacy verticals by re-thinking processes from the ground up with software as a core component.

We pride ourselves in being the best build partner for these ambitious technologists looking to test ideas and scale their businesses. So today we are announcing some changes to our free plans that we think will make Anvil an even better partner in this technology ecosystem.

The upgraded Anvil Free plan usage now includes:

  • 1,000 PDF Service API requests  / month, fill or generate PDFs over API  (new addition).
  • 10 Workflow submissions / month (no change).
  • 10 Etch E-sign packets / month  (additional 5 / month). These can be used as standalone Etch packets or with Workflows.

What has not changed:

  • The Free plan still only allows for one user on the organization.
  • Advanced features like white labeling, embedding, and CSV export are not included.
  • The API Metered plan is needed to avoid service disruptions for usage above the free tier limits.

These three usage metrics combined covers the entire Anvil Platform, addressing any paperwork challenge from data collection to completed and signed document. To further support our customers, we have also:

  • Updated our developer documentation with feedback.
  • Released and continue to develop language specific client libraries.
  • Updated the Anvil Builders to be more intuitive and support power users.
  • Released SpectaQL, an open-source GraphQL documentation generator.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, we have some exciting developments that we can’t wait to share with the rest of the world. In the meantime, for all of you trying to change how business is done, keep on building, and we are here to help!