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Figuring out if you qualify for the Parent PLUS Borrower Loan Deferment Program is confusing. We make it easy by simplifying it to a couple questions, and then completing out the application for you.

Student LoansPLUS Loan Deferment Application

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Looking to fill out a PLUS Loan Deferment Application form? Fill out a PLUS Loan Deferment Application form for yourself and download a completed PDF with your information.

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Looking to gather responses for your PLUS Loan Deferment Application form? Add this Workflow to your account and start customizing from our prebuilt template.

What is Loan Deferment?

Deferment is the lender allowing you to temporarily stop payments on an existing student loan.

Please see the information on this webpage to learn more about the difference between deferment and forbearance.

What is the Parent PLUS Borrower Loan Deferment Program

This is a program from the United States Education Department that helps reduce the burden of loan payments for a temporary amount of time.

The program is specifically for the parents of students, who have taken a PLUS or FFEL loan to help pay for a students college education.

Qualified PLUS loan borrowers may defer loan payments as long as certain qualifications are met. If you have specific questions, please download and read the original application form (here) or speak with a qualified advisor.

Other Education Department Loan Programs

Don’t qualify for the PLUS program? Check out our free-forms page for other Anvil-Powered flows, more will be added in the following days and weeks.

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