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Document templates

Publish a template draft

Whether creating a document template for the first time or making updates to one that has already been published, any changes you make will be saved as a draft until you publish the document template. Each time you publish a template, you will be able to name the version to help you note which version is live. Publishing a document template will not update any instances of the template that are already in use. Publishing a document template will only make the new version available going forward for new Workflows, Etch signature packets, and API calls.

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How to navigate to the template editor templatepublish_1


Edit your template.

When you enter the template editor, all previous draft changes will be displayed and you can continue to edit. If no draft changes exist, a new draft will be created and will save automatically as soon as you make any changes.


Publish your draft.

When you are ready to make your changes live, click Publish.



Name your version.

Give your Workflow version a name. This will appear on the Workflow dashboard to help you keep track of what changes you have made.


Click publish now.

Your changes are now live. You can now use this document template to create a new Workflow, Etch e-signature packet, or with an API.


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