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Add API metered pricing to a billing plan

Anvil’s APIs can be used at any plan level. In this article you will learn how to add unlimited API usage to your organization and how it will interact with your base plan.

As a reminder, Anvil only counts completed production key requests as billable and will not charge for use of the development key. Check out our API guide to help you get started using your keys.

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How does API metered pricing work with my current Anvil plan?

API metered pricing can be added to any Anvil pricing plan, including the Anvil Free plan. Your Anvil Free, Standard, or Pro subscription determines the number of users available on your organization.

  • For organizations with a Standard and Pro plan, any API usage will first draw down from your plan’s bucket for Workflow submissions or Etch e-signatures. Any production API usage beyond the plan’s limits will be charged at the metered rate.
  • For organizations with a Free plan, all non-test usage will be charged at the metered rate.

The features you are able to access with the API metered plan are the features available with your primary billing plan. Developers looking to just use our APIs without any features of the Standard or Pro plans do not need to upgrade for pay-as-you-go API usage.


How many users are included in the API metered pricing plan?

There are no users associated with the API metered plan add on. Users are based on your Free, Standard, or Pro plan. If you just add the API metered plan to your free account, you will have one user. If you need more users in your organization, you will need to upgrade your plan to a pricing plan with more users.


How are billable submissions and signature packets counted?

  • Workflows are billed upon submission. A workflow submission is counted once all webforms associated with the Workflow have been submitted.

  • Etch e-signature packets are billed upon packet completion. A packet is completed when all signatures have been received and the entire packet is available for download.

  • Workflow submissions and completed Etch packets created via API or from the Anvil web app are counted the same way.

  • Submissions and signatures first count toward your primary billing plan’s limit. Once you have reached your plan’s submission limits, all additional submissions will be billed at the metered, per submission rate each month.


How is metered pricing billed?

Metered pricing is billed monthly. If you have a yearly billing plan, you will not receive monthly invoices for metered use until you have reached your annual submission or signature limit.


How do I add API metered pricing to my account?

  1. Navigate to the organization’s settings page

  2. Navigate to the billing page

    • When you get to organization settings, you will be on the General page. From the left side navigation list, select Billing to move to the billing page.
  3. Locate API metered pricing card

    • Scroll down past your current billing plan to the section titled ADD ONS.
  4. Click Add to plan

    • You will have the chance to review the API metered plan before confirming to Add API metered plan.
  5. Finish adding the API plan

    • If you already have a current credit card saved to your account, The API plan will be added to your plan as soon as you confirm your subscription.
    • If you do not have a card saved to your account, you will be prompted to add your credit card information to complete your billing upgrade.
  6. Navigate to the API tab of your organization’s settings

    • As soon as you add API metered pricing to your account, your development keys will be ready for you to copy from the API tab.
  7. Start making unlimited API calls

    • Now you’re ready to go! From here, you can reference our API documentation for any further help you need getting started with our APIs.
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