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Add a page break to a webform

Add a page break to a webform to make long forms easier for your user to complete. Adding page breaks allows you to group information and apply page logic to hide and show relevant webform fields to a user. A page break can also be used to move a group of fields to another page, as all subsequent webform fields after the inserted break will be moved to the next page.

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How to navigate to the Workflow editor


On any webform, hover between two fields and click the + circle icon that appears.


Select the 'Add page break' option from the dropdown list.

All of the input fields below the inserted break will appear on a new page. If you add a page break below your last input field, a new blank page will appear.

page break 1


Edit page options.

From the left side webform editing panel, you can adjust the title, description, and order of your new webpage.

page break 2

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