Create a webform array

The array field type allows you to collect multiple sets of data. For example, you may need to capture account name, account number, and account type for each of a client’s accounts. You may also not know how many accounts a client has. Using an array field, you can create the “set” of data fields you want to collect relating to each item (e.g. account) without defining the number of items in advance. Therefore, arrays help to streamline the form filling experience while also allowing you to collect comprehensive data about each item.

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How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Navigate to the webform and page where you want to add the array field.


Add an input field.


Change the field type to 'array.'

Select the field type 'array' from the dropdown.

Webform array 1


Label the array field.

Choose a label that is descriptive of the array object. (e.g. Accounts)

Webform array 2


Edit first array subfield.

Highlight the first subfield in the white array card, assign your desired type, label, and descriptions.

Webform array 3


Add additional array subfields.

  1. Within the array, add new subfields by clicking the “+” sign just under the last field in the array card.

Webform array 4

  1. Once you have a complete set of subfields for your array (e.g. account name, account number, and account type fields within the card), your array is complete. Users will be able to click “add another” to show a new set of subfields for each item.

Webform array 5


Map your array to the corresponding PDF field.

How to map an array to a PDF

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