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Markdown is a design language with plain-text formatting rules. It is often used to format online blocks of readable text. If you have never written markup before you should first read this guide on writing markdown

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Writing Markdown in Anvil's System

You can insert blocks of markdown as Webform fields to display text to clients within a Webform.

Some of the markdown features that Anvil's system supports include:


Bolding Text

You can bold words by wrapping text in a double "**".

So ** I am a bold sentence ** renders as I am a bold sentence


Italicizing Text

You can italicize words by wrapping text in a single "*".

So * I am an italic sentence * renders as I am an italic sentence


Creating bulleted lists

You can create bullet points by placing a leading "-" before text.

  • I am plain & non-formatted
  • I am italic


You can make titles by placing up to three "#" characters combined with a space character " " before a grouping of text. The text must start with at least one # and the # character must be the first text character on the line.

A single # is the largest title, ## is medium, and ### is small.

I'm the biggest title !


I'm the medium title !

I'm the smallest title !


Markdown is a universal language and is frequently used in the world of computing. You can learn more about it here

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