Control how a signer is asked to sign documents at the end of a Workflow by changing the signer type

Anvil has a set of defaults for how signature requests will be sent to signers at the end of a Workflow. You can override these for individual signers by changing the signer type.

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Anvil supports 3 types of signers:

  1. Sign after filling webforms. This is only supported and is the default when the person completing the last webform before signatures IS the first signer.
  2. Email signature request. Anvil will send an email to the signer when it is their turn to sign.
  3. Embedded signature request. Use this signer type to generate an iframe embeddable signature link over API. You will control how to share that link with the signer.

To change the signer type for any signer in a Workflow:


Select your signer type from the dropdown.

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