Anvil: Who We Are

Anvil is on a mission to eliminate paperwork.

We come from a generation that’s just starting to do adult things like buy homes and cars, invest money, and start small businesses. Talking to people in our circles and drawing from our own experiences, we noticed that all of these processes involve a lot of paperwork, and that always meant disjointed forms, emailing PDFs, filling out the same information over and over again, and having to find some way to fax things when we’ve never used a fax machine in our professional lives.

We realized that paperwork gets a bad rap. What it does is actually amazing: we do paperwork to collect and process information so that we can achieve big things with the help of folks who know their stuff.

It’s got such a bad reputation because the process of collecting that information is so tedious and old-fashioned. Especially for those of us who use thoughtfully designed digital tools in every other area of our lives, it’s frustratingly difficult for a relatively straightforward task like paperwork to take so much time and effort. Plus, we noticed it’s not just us: the folks who collect and process our information spend needless hours doing data entry and manual follow up. It’s stunningly inefficient for everyone involved.

We’re building the better way.

Company Philosophy

It’s just as important to us to create a great place to work as it is to create an awesome product. We knew when we started Anvil that we wanted to be intentional about the work environment we create. Anvil should be a place where opinions are heard and decisions are respected. Where everyone works together, and pushes each other to achieve more as a team than we could individually.

We start from a place of respect, both for our colleagues, and for their experience and abilities. That means trust and autonomy, but it also means we don’t shy away from the tough conversations, and we actively overcommunicate to avoid confusion and political maneuvering. We have lots of ideas about how to build a world-class place to work, and we’re excited to find people who want to contribute their ideas, enthusiasm, and talent.


Help us build the digital future of paperwork! All jobs are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Don’t see anything that really fits your skill set? If you’re passionate about simplifying workflows and improving people's jobs, get in touch! Send an email to

Software Engineer

Full-Stack Engineer

As our first engineering hire, you will get to set the tone technically & culturally. You will be critical to our success. We use Node + Koa, React, GraphQL, with a little Java here and there.

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We’ve spent our careers building the future of workflow and collaboration tools, notably at Dropbox and GitHub.

Photo of Mang-Git Ng

Mang-Git Ng

Founder, CEO

Mang-Git is a software engineer and product manager. He founded the bill-splitting app Ledger, and was a founding team member of Dialpad and Loom Inc. (YC W12, acquired by Dropbox). At Dropbox, Mang-Git worked on Dropbox for Business, building enterprise collaboration features.

Photo of Ben Ogle

Ben Ogle

Founder, CTO

Ben is a software engineer and designer. He was a founding team member of Chatterbug, and the founder of (YC S12), a design collaboration tool acquired by GitHub. At GitHub, he worked as an engineer and product manager on Atom. He was also an early engineer at


Headshot of Evan Dweck

Evan Dweck

Software Engineer

Headshot of Richard Albayaty

Richard Albayaty

Senior Software Engineer


Anvil is backed by some of the most reputable venture capital firms and angel investors in Silicon Valley.

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