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Anvil secures $10M total in Series A funding for a data-first future

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By Mang-Git Ng

Anvil secures $10M total in Series A funding to power the transition from paperwork to datawork. Mang-Git covers the what, why, and the future.

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Today, we are excited to announce that Anvil has closed a total of $10M in our Series A with a $5M series A extension, participating investors include Craft Ventures and Gradient Ventures. The capital will be invested into accelerating the development of software to power the transition from paperwork to datawork.

The investment follows growth in the adoption of Anvil products amongst technology companies and legacy companies alike. Over the past year, the Anvil Platform has been used to:

  • Hire tens-of-thousands of agricultural workers
  • Quote and bind thousands of insurance policies
  • Sign and codify rental property leases
  • Streamline and close multiple large alternative investments
  • Register thousands of voters
  • Help hundreds of people receive medical bill forgiveness

Given the ubiquity of paperwork across all industries, there is no shortage of opportunities for Anvil’s technology to help companies build software that transforms paperwork into data-first experiences, moving the world closer to our digital future.

Anvil Platform

Alongside the funding, we are launching the Anvil Platform, a complete suite of tools to help developers and organizations digitize paperwork. Anvil’s infrastructure for collecting data, preparing documents, e-signing and API integrations gives everyone the ability to create data-first applications while maintaining backward compatibility with the existing paperwork-centric world.

The Anvil Platform includes no-code tools to accelerate development, developer focused features for flexible integrations and a suite of enterprise features for easy deployment into large organizations. Coupled with Anvil’s industry leading reliability and scalability with 99.99% uptime, we are ready to tackle any digital transformation challenge.

Key platform features include:

  • Advanced logic for dynamic webforms, custom data transformation and validation
  • White labeling of Anvil Webforms, Etch e-sign, and Workflows
  • Embeddable Anvil Builders, allowing any organization to easily add bespoke e-signing and workflows into their product
  • SSO and Organization management
  • Detailed audit trails

A Data-First World

Our unique approach to the digital transformation challenge puts Anvil at the forefront of companies positioning their business to win in the data-first competitive landscape. Unlike other software companies working in the paperwork automation space, we do not start with the PDF and find ways to separate the data from the underlying file (OCR, RPA). Instead Anvil starts with the data, and builds solutions that make it easy for developers to represent data on traditional PDF and paper forms. With Anvil, businesses can operate in the data-first world, whether it’s collecting data with Anvil Webforms, or converting structured data to a PDF over API. Anvil handles all of the complexity, process, and headache associated with PDFs.

This approach has resonated with companies on the vanguard of business and has resulted in Anvil seeing a:

  • 1.5m PDFs generated with Anvil’s PDF API
  • 2x growth in Anvil Etch e-sign packets completion
  • 2.2x growth in Anvil Workflow submissions

Anvil’s Mission

Paperwork underpins almost every facet of business and society. V1  of paperwork digitization was to adopt the PDF file format, however, the PDF file format falls short of serving the needs of organizations in a data-first, internet-connected world. This realization has led to the rise of Vertical SaaS companies challenging incumbent companies by custom building digitally native experiences that bring industries into the 21st century, while operationalizing the back-office paperwork through people and half-baked technology tools.

Anvil’s mission is to provide the tools for businesses and developers to easily attack the inefficiencies of paperwork in any given industry, thus allowing them to build better, more resilient businesses through the adoption of technology. Anvil provides a reliable, scalable, common interface for bridging from the new (data-first, internet-connected) to the old (PDF/Paper, offline). Our solutions work in the background whether through APIs or with white labeling, quietly powering the seismic shift to a new world of technological excellence.

Read the press release.

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