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Announcing paid Anvil interviews

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By Mang-Git Ng

Anvil is offering $100 to job interview candidates that complete a take home assignment. The money can be redeemed as a gift card to a local small business, or gifted to a charity of the candidate’s choice.

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Announcing paid Anvil interviews

As of May 12, 2020, Anvil is instituting a new policy for all candidates that apply for a role at Anvil.

Every candidate that passes an initial phone screen AND completes a take home project that is reviewed with an Anvil team member will have the option to receive a $100 gift card to the local small business of their choice, or to donate $100 to the charity of their choice.

Why institute a $100 pay-for-interview policy?

Anvil, like every other company in the current COVID climate, is facing unprecedented challenges. The economic future of America is uncertain, businesses are cutting costs left and right, and each day brings news of countless layoffs and shuttering businesses (link).

The closing of beloved businesses really hit home when Hillside Supper Club, the neighborhood restaurant where I proposed to my wife, closed under the strain of shelter in place.

The result is millions of Americans are looking for work, especially well-paid, remote-accessible work. Given the current environment with the market skewed heavily in favor of employers, you would think that the rational behavior would be to take advantage of the situation and make candidates jump through more hoops for a chance at a well-paid job. Anvil believes that is short-sighted, and only shows the type of employer you will be.

Top reasons why Anvil is implementing a pay-for-interview policy.

  1. Anvil is investing in our team.
    We want to hire the best and the brightest candidates, and we know that the best and brightest candidates will always have multiple employment options. By instituting a $100 pay-for-interview policy, Anvil is showing prospective candidates, up front, that we value our people. And knowing up front that we value our team will bring us great candidates.

  2. Completing a take home project is hard work.
    We believe that everyone should be compensated for the work they do. Our projects are designed to be completed in 1-2 hours; We know some candidates will spend more time perfecting their answer, but we encourage everyone to time-box their effort to 2 hours. Our goal is to understand how you think and get a basic grasp of your current skill level, not for you to solve our business problems or design the most optimal solution. Startups are about trade-offs, so understanding how you approach trade-offs is more important to us than perfection

  3. This benefits our community.
    Anvil is based in the Mission district of San Francisco, and we make a point to frequent the local restaurants near our office. We want to continue supporting the small businesses in our community, or enable you to support the businesses in your community. By purchasing a $100 gift card, we are supporting your local businesses, small businesses just like Hillside Supper Club. San Francisco would be amiss without the vibrant local businesses that represent the local economy. We want to be participants in this economy, as the saying goes:

Join the Anvil Team!

🎉 Apply Here 🎉

Anvil is filling positions in engineering, operations, customer experience and marketing. If you have the skills, the desire, and the attitude to join our small but growing team, we invite you to apply for open roles through our Anvil-powered application linked above. 🙂

We look forward to reviewing your application!

Hiring? Consider a pay-for-interview policy

A recession is the time to invest in your talent pipeline. These are the people that will push your company to the next level, and position your business to take advantage of the warming market conditions as we rebound out of this recession.

Suddenly, previously inaccessible talent is on the market looking for new jobs. A recession is a once-in-a-business-cycle opportunity to compete with Fortune 500 companies and tech unicorns for the best and brightest. Take advantage of this opportunity to compete with the big kids. Even more so, now is a time where innovation and nimbleness can out-compete entrenched incumbents and scale. There is a reason that iconic companies are started in recessions.

If you are hiring, consider joining us in implementing a pay-for-interview policy. We understand that this may not make sense for all businesses, but odds are, if you are hiring right now, then your business is weathering the lockdown just why not create some goodwill by showing your support of the local economy as the economy struggles to restart? We are all in this together.

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