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How launched embedded white labeled e-signatures in less than a day

Learn how a vacation rental investment platform turned to Anvil in a pinch and ended up building a better client signing flow in record time.

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The company is a vacation rental investment platform that allows anyone to invest in vacation properties like stocks for as little as $250. makes vacation rental investing easier, more accessible, and more transparent by allowing anyone to become an investor in one or several vacation homes in minutes.

The problem

When a client wants to invest with, they are required to sign a series of documents as part of the checkout flow within's application. previously used DocuSign to handle this process, but unexpectedly their account access was shut off and they were unable to reach anyone to reactivate it. Without e-signatures, clients were unable to sign their documents and therefore unable to invest. This put in jeopardy of losing out on a significant portion of their revenue and created a poor client experience until it was resolved.

The solution had to quickly implement a new signature solution. Almost immediately, selected Anvil due to its clear API documentation, uptime, reliable customer service, and flexibility to support their needs.

Anvil's account management team expedited getting on a plan with features they needed in order to replace (and actually improve) their in-flow signing. Since clients are agreeing to invest money with the company, the entire in-app experience, including signing investment agreements, must feel trustworthy, secure, and on-brand. Anvil is the only e-signature vendor that provides true white labeling features, allowing to fully customize the user experience and provide a seamless transition for their customers.

Once had access to Anvil's white labeling features, they needed to quickly develop a stylesheet to apply their branding to the Anvil Etch e-signature experience. Anvil Support provided with an example stylesheet that they quickly modified to inject their own styling. After a few hours, finished customizing their stylesheet and was able to apply their branding by simply adding the URL to their Anvil organization settings.

After the stylesheet was set up, was able to follow Anvil's Etch E-sign documentation to set up iframed signature packets within their application.

The result

Within 24 hours of unexpectedly losing access to their e-signature vendor, had implemented a new legally-binding signature solution with Anvil. Even better,'s new e-signature flow with Anvil is fully embedded and styled to match's own look and feel. The fast turn around minimized the negative impact on's business and resulted in a better experience for their clients. can now continue to grow without worrying about whether or not their e-signature solution is reliable.

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