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How Inmofit reduced contract management time by 90% with Anvil's APIs

Learn how a property finder serves homebuyers better with an automated custom contracting workflow.

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The Customer

Inmofit is a property finder, specialized in assisting clients in the search and acquisition of real estate - the home buying experience they offer is so tailored to each client’s individual needs that it is often described as a real estate personal shopper. Distinct from a traditional real estate agent, Inmofit works exclusively for the buyer - helping them find the perfect home to fit their needs.

With a focus on building trust and providing exceptional service, Inmofit is thoughtful about blending high touch personal expertise and low-touch technology in their product. The team views process automation as a critical investment to deliver the kind of highly personal home buying experience their clients expect when looking for their dream home.

The Problem

In the real estate industry, service contracts play a critical role in guiding clients through the complex process of purchasing a home. With the emotions and high financial stakes involved in purchasing a home, clear and efficient contract management is key to ensuring client satisfaction.

Every new Inmofit client fills out an online questionnaire to share their preferences, requirements and answers some KYC information to verify their identity. The answers they provide contribute to their profile in the Inmofit database. Once the client agrees to move forward with Inmofit as their personal real estate shopper, the information in the database is used to populate their service contract, which must be sent and signed.

Due to the highly customizable nature of Inmofit’s client engagements, smooth and efficient contract preparation and management was a particular challenge. Each client has unique needs and requirements - budget, location, preferences, financing options, etc. - therefore, each contract can involve many different departments collaborating to prepare and execute a single contract. Inmofit's traditional workflow involved multiple team members, including back office employees, legal personnel, and personal shoppers, each handling different aspects of the contract process. This complicated workflow increased the likelihood of errors and miscommunication, hindering the smooth execution of contracts and potentially eroding client trust.

The Solution

Seeking to streamline their contract management process, Inmofit explored the use of e-signature technology to facilitate online distribution and digital signing. While this technology offered some advantages, Inmofit was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Anvil platform also offered an easy way to automate the contracting process beyond e-signatures. Anvil's API-driven capabilities and flexibility caught their attention, providing a game-changing solution to their challenges.

With Anvil, Inmofit was able to integrate their customer-specific database seamlessly, extracting relevant information and populating their contract templates. This eliminated the need for manual data entry and ensured that each contract accurately reflected the unique needs of each client. Once a contract is prepared, Inmofit leverages Anvil to automatically distribute it by email to the client, who can then review and sign at their convenience. To ensure a contract proceeds through to execution quickly, the team also tracks the time and steps from the time the contract is sent until it is signed.

The Result

Inmofit's partnership with Anvil has revolutionized their contract management process, delivering remarkable results. By leveraging Anvil's technology, Inmofit achieved a remarkable 90% reduction in time spent on each contract, translating to a monthly saving of several workdays. Additionally, the automation of contract generation significantly decreased the probability of errors to a mere 1%, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their contracts.

The successful integration of Anvil's solution has not only enhanced Inmofit's operational efficiency but also elevated their reputation for providing exceptional customer service. By seamlessly integrating with their existing systems and embracing digital transformation, Inmofit has set a new standard for efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction for property finders in the real estate industry.

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