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Case Study: Pacific Workplaces

Learn how Pacific Workplaces, a commercial real estate firm with locations in California and Nevada, was able to simplify the office leasing process, reducing churn and increasing revenue.

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Case Study: Pacific Workplaces

The Company

Pacific Workplaces is a chain of managed office spaces operating throughout California and Nevada. All clients need to do is sign a lease—Pacific Workplaces handles all the logistics of managing an office space: internet, cleaning, supplies, and more. They also provide Virtual Office services, where clients without a need for physical space can use the Pacific Workplace address as their primary company address, and even have an agent answer their phone calls and manage their mail.

The Challenge

Multiple, vastly differing forms covering everything from lease details to phone answering instructions, building access, and credit card billing. Plus, confusing government forms that clients often filled out incorrectly.

In order to bring on a new client, the location’s community manager would have to put together an email with all of the required forms attached. In most cases, there were at least 5 multi-page forms, some of which were extremely confusing and time-consuming to fill out. Ultimately, signing a new client for Pacific Workplaces required a lot of back and forth—often involved missing or improperly completed forms—and generally took over a week.

The Solution

One flow to bring clients through the process from start to signature. A dashboard that allows Pacific Workplaces to download forms and track client progress.

Since many of the forms asked for the same information over and over again (i.e. every form asks for name, phone number, etc.), Anvil created a form that asks for each piece of information once and automatically enters into each form that requires it. Anvil’s new flow routes clients automatically to DocuSign to capture signatures electronically.

Now, instead of sending an email with multiple attachments, Pacific Workplaces simply shares a single link with new clients. The Anvil dashboard gives Pacific Workplaces a single place to track in-progress applications and download completed documents.

The Result

Decreased paperwork time from one week to one day. Faster onboarding means more rental revenue and less employee time spent on data entry and client followup.

By decreasing the turnaround time from one week to one day, Pacific Workplaces has been able to increase revenue significantly—an extra week of rent is hugely significant in places like San Francisco, where Pacific Workplaces has several properties. They’ve also increased occupancy rates, with less employee time devoted to data entry and chasing tenants to get the onboarding process completed. Data entry has been reduced from three days’ worth of work per week to less than one, and the extra time has also allowed Pacific Workplaces to focus more time on making the office more delightful for its existing clients.

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