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How Seso digitized the process of farmworker hiring

Learn how a labor marketplace for the agriculture industry was able to save weeks of engineering time.

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How Seso digitized the process of farmworker hiring

The Company

Inspired by a family member’s challenges in the farming industry, Seso was launched to address the labor shortage in agriculture. Seso is building a labor marketplace for the agriculture industry, offering end-to-end recruiting and workforce management. Their software-enabled service focuses on streamlining the H-2A visa application process, aggregates worker profiles for recruiting, and helps employers manage their workforce.

Seso’s full stack labor solution seeks to digitize all employee records and payment flow. Their goal is to help farms run their businesses more efficiently and help workers retain more of their paycheck. In 2021, Seso will provide more than 1,000 agricultural workers with H-2A visas, making them one of the largest H-2A agents in the country.

The Challenge

The agriculture industry is known for its outdated approach to record keeping and paperwork, often relying on pen and paper to keep track of employee information. Employee payroll is run through antiquated systems and workers are given paper checks, making it difficult to track payment flow and employee records.

Additionally, the process of hiring agricultural workers requires a ton of paperwork including job applications, tax forms, contracts, employee manuals, and so on. Aiming to digitize both employee records and onboarding, Seso needed an intuitive platform that could templatize all of their forms, making them easy-to-fill and manage.

The Solution

Seso implemented Anvil Workflows as part of their Seso software solution. Each farm that partners with Seso has their own set of documents that need to be completed. Using Anvil, Seso engineers have been able to quickly customize workflows for any type of paperwork.

Each workflow includes an Anvil-powered webform that gathers information and automatically prepares all of the specific hiring and farm documents before sending to Anvil Etch for signature. Through Seso, farms are able to share a link with the Anvil workflow embedded in Seso’s software.

Once a workflow is completed, Seso receives a notification from Anvil via webhook and then downloads the data that was captured, along with the completed and signed documents. This allows Seso to easily and automatically track each farmworker and fully digitize the process of farmworker hiring.

The Result

Anvil’s Workflow builder and APIs saved Seso weeks of engineering time, along with hundreds of hours in employee record management and onboarding for farms. Seso can now more effectively recruit, hire and staff their client farms with high quality farmworkers, helping to provide a flawless digital experience to the thousands of farms that help feed America.

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