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How Vouch digitized their insurance customer onboarding flow

Learn how a digital insurance provider for startups was able to increase their capacity to take on new clients.

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The Company

Vouch is a digital insurance provider that offers proprietary coverages engineered for startups. Shopping for insurance is a time-consuming and labor intensive process that's proven to be particularly challenging for startups, given that traditional carriers often lack the types of coverage they need. Understanding these challenges has led Vouch to redesign business insurance from scratch, creating a fully digital platform that gets customers set up in minutes and covered the next day.

Since its inception, Vouch has raised more than $180 million dollars and their success has skyrocketed over the last year. Recently, they developed an even broader range of coverage options to accommodate for the rise of remote work and expanded their underwriting capacity to serve companies from start to scale.

The Challenge

The insurance industry has long been hampered by tedious and manual paperwork processes. PDF forms have unfortunately become a core part of the insurance industry’s operating system, which lends itself to a subpar customer experience and unstructured data challenges.

Vouch is building new insurance products and digitally native experiences from the ground up and, as a result, they refuse to rely on PDF documents for customer interactions. While they have architected and shipped entirely new insurance products on a proprietary system, the rest of the industry still largely operates on PDF documents. Vouch needed a more streamlined solution to turn dozens of standardized forms that the industry uses into branded webforms and structured data, efficiently.


Anvil hits the sweet spot of having the sophistication of a true developer tool you can integrate into your own systems, while also delivering ease of use in which any business owner can turn a PDF into a logic based webform in minutes. This has allowed Vouch to onboard and serve new clients at a faster pace, and also improve structured data quality at scale.

Chad NitschkeInterim President, Vouch Specialty
Chad NitschkeInterim President, Vouch Specialty

The Solution

Using Anvil Workflows, Vouch was able to digitize dozens of common forms across the industry, along with populating those with live customer data. To begin the process, customer records and coverage types are all tied to a unique link, which in the traditional industry would have been a standard PDF form. On the back end, Workflows selects the correct documents for the coverage type and pre-fills them with existing Vouch data. When a customer opens their unique link, they are presented with a prefilled Anvil webform which they can click to review, update, and add any additional data. From there, clients can sign the forms using Anvil’s Etch e-signatures.

Once a client completes the Workflow, Anvil emails them a link to download the completed forms, along with the relevant Vouch team members, and updates the record with the completed forms and data. The Vouch team has total visibility throughout the entire process and can see all time-stamped customer activities, along with providing a seamless data integration into their systems.

The Result

With Anvil Workflows, Vouch has been able to save valuable time for both their team and clients. Potential clients no longer have to experience bottlenecks caused by manual paperwork, significantly reducing sales cycle and improving NPS. And it’s another way that Vouch differentiates their experience from others in the industry. Since implementing Workflows, Vouch has been able to increase their capacity to take on new clients by 33%.

Being fully digitized has given Vouch a further competitive advantage in the insurtech landscape. While many insurance companies are still relying on inefficient processes that don’t scale, Vouch is onboarding customers faster than ever before.