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The importance of electronic document signing capabilities

By Anvil Staff

Learn how to use electronic document signing in your business processes with Anvil. You can even use an electronic signature for legal documents.

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The importance of electronic document signing capabilities

In today’s business market, it is important for business owners to be able to keep up with the evolution and advancements of modern technology. With Anvil, you can convert all your company’s document-based workflows into intuitive and efficient online workflows. You’ll save yourself and your employees hours of valuable time each week, cut down on paper waste, and save your budget. One of the best parts of incorporating Anvil into your daily processes is electronic document signing.

What Is Electronic Document Signing?

Electronic document signing is a term that refers to the category of ways to attach a signature and authenticate online documents. Digital signatures and eSignatures are examples of electronic document signing. Anvil integrates different tools and resources to provide secure, verifiable electronic document signing, ensuring document security and regulatory compliance.

You can use electronic signatures for legal documents for both business and personal transactions. Programs like Anvil, through different tools and resources, are able to verify an individual’s identity, link signatures of signers and documents, receive confirmation of intent to sign, as well as ensure that all documents are safely stored while providing secure access. With Anvil, you can also keep a detailed record of transactions and electronic document signing history, complete with timestamps.

Electronic document signing is legally binding thanks to the US Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN) enacted in 2000.

Benefits of Electronic Document Signing

Before technological innovations allowed us to sign documents electronically, there were a lot of steps required to get each document to and from all participating parties. Consider some of the many benefits a business, particularly a new or small business, can take advantage of when using electronic document signing.

Increased Efficiency

When incorporating an online document signing workflow for your business, you eliminate the need for a lot of mundane and time-consuming tasks. Documents do not need to be mailed or sent with a courier, multiple copies do not need to be printed and filed, and data entry is significantly decreased. You also get rid of the unnecessary time spent waiting to hear back from a client, or waiting to have a document signed and returned. Everything can be transmitted and shared instantly, and with Anvil, the data only needs to be entered once, saving even more time.

Lower Costs

Another great benefit of online workflows, like electronic document signing, is the amount of money you can start redirecting to other areas of your business. You will not only cut costs on paper, printers, ink, copiers, etc., but you will also be using fewer payroll hours on these tasks. What used to take hours or days has been reduced to minutes, freeing up employees for other things, or reducing the number of employees needed. Also, without all the bulky filing cabinets and extra printing equipment, you can even work out of a smaller space with lower rent and utilities.

Better Security

When you use professional software to authenticate and record important documents, you can trust that all information will remain safe and secure. You remove the possibility of human error due to misplacing a document or forgetting to fill in information. Plus, it is much more difficult for someone to make changes to an electronic document undetected or without authorization.

Use Anvil for Electronic Document Signing

Check out Anvil to learn more about incorporating electronic document signing and other online workflows into your business for increased productivity.

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