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How to innovate in insurtech using a data-first approach

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By Simone Timen

Learn how leading insurtech companies are implementing a data-first approach to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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How to innovate in insurtech using a data-first approach

Our Insurtech Fireside Chat uncovered many valuable insights including challenging the status quo in the insurance industry, reaching new markets, and increasing customer value. Hosted by Anvil’s own Patrick Daniels, and joined by Vouch CIO John Wallace, Pathpoint CEO Alexander Bargmann, and Agentsync CTO Jenn Knight, we discussed how leading insurtechs are implementing a data-first approach to differentiate themselves in the competitive insurance industry.

In case you missed the live event, we recorded it so you’ll be able to watch at your own pace.

Here are some highlights from the Fireside Chat if you’d like to select where to start. You can click on the links that pique your interest or watch it all the way through.

  • Prioritize your segment within insurance - There are so many opportunities to make positive change within insurtech. Agentsync, Vouch, and Pathpoint discuss how they were able to pick their segment within the insurance industry and how prioritization has helped them succeed. Click here

  • Building a tech mindset in a traditional industry - Traditional insurance lags when it comes to implementing technology. Learn how these leading insurtech companies build efficiency while managing legacy processes and maintaining regulatory compliance. Click here

  • The next evolution in insurtech - insurtechs have been focused on enhancing the customer experience and the purchasing process. Learn how the latest batch of insurtechs are pushing the next evolution in insurance by building data-first businesses.Click here

  • Cost efficiency in reaching new markets - Traditionally, customer acquisition costs in insurance have been extremely high. Learn how insurtechs manage the cost of growth by reaching new customers outside of traditional paid acquisition channels.Click here

  • Building carrier relationships - Having meaningful partnerships is crucial to succeeding in insurance. Learn how to approach carrier relationships and tips to building an effective partnership with large corporations. Click here

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