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Paperwork automation drives health outcomes in a value-based model

By Anvil Staff

How automating paperwork drives costs down and quality of care up.

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Paperwork automation drives health outcomes in a value-based model

Value-based care is a new model gaining traction in the healthcare industry. This approach restructures incentives to reward delivering quality care at a lower cost instead of quantity of care. Under a value-based model, value is derived from measuring outcomes against the cost of delivering the outcomes.

There are two levers that work together to drive value: 1) high-quality, targeted care that drives health goals and 2) cost reduction.

How does paperwork improve outcomes and reduce costs?

Imagine a scenario we are all too familiar with: the waiting room clipboard. The notion of the clipboard was a good one: collect data upfront to facilitate a quicker, more efficient clinical visit. However, in the digital age, we’ve come to realize that a clipboard is anything but quick and efficient. Each time you visit a different specialist, you have to rewrite your family medical history. There’s a limited amount of space to provide relevant lifestyle information and you’re expected to tick through large sections of irrelevant questions. It’s a frustrating process. It’s even more frustrating for the administrator behind the plexiglass, who has to manually key in patient data each time.

With today’s technology, we’ve outgrown the need for paper-based processes throughout the healthcare system. Digitizing paper processes is a worthwhile investment that healthcare providers can make to meaningfully drive both levers of value.

At a high level, there are several advantages:

  • Improved preventative care by using web-based, mobile-friendly guided forms to simplify data collection and increase patient engagement.
  • Reduced operational overhead on collecting and processing patient data.
  • Clean data capture that facilitates sharing and a team-oriented approach to patient care.

Being a heavily regulated industry, the daunting task of developing in-house solutions is further complicated by the need to maintain PDF outputs and HIPAA compliance. Anvil, through its flexible APIs and no-code workflow product, makes this transition straightforward for healthcare companies.

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