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Paperwork: the API to the World

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By Anvil Team

Anvil's Founder and CEO gives a short talk on paperwork and how it powers the world at the 2023 Collision conference.

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Not too long ago, our CEO, Mang-Git Ng, made a splash at the 2023 Collision conference by unveiling his visionary take on transforming old-school paperwork into a cutting-edge API.

At Anvil, we are focused on helping companies say goodbye to the hassles of paperwork and dive into the world of data-driven solutions. Traditional paperwork, especially PDFs, has more limitations than we care to count. During his session at the conference, Mang-Git Ng put it best; "Today, paperwork is ubiquitous with PDFs, and we all know that PDFs really, really suck." This realization sparked Anvil's journey to reimagine the entire concept of paperwork, morphing it into a sleek, modern API with impressive solutions for data collection, generating documents, and e-signatures.

During his talk, Mang-Git didn't just speak in theory. He provided real-world examples that showcased how Anvil is already causing ripples of change across diverse sectors—whether it's streamlining voting registration or simplifying the handling of insurance documents. He gave a nod to some exciting partnerships, such as tackling challenges in farm worker hiring and even stepping into the realm of medical debt forgiveness. It's a testament to how versatile and effective Anvil's solutions are.

Mang-Git's talk served as a call to action for technologists and entrepreneurs to recognize the potential of modernizing paperwork. He urged, "And so next time you're thinking about solving a problem or starting a company, think about the paperwork in that industry and think about Anvil and see how we can solve some real-world problems together." With Anvil blazing the trail, the walls of paperwork-induced frustration are crumbling down, leaving room for a future that's all about efficiency, uniformity, and ease of access.

Missed out on the conference action? Fret not; catch the replay of Mang-Git's inspiring Collision session right below.

Mang-Git Ng's talk at the 2023 Collision conference

For any questions or to explore how Anvil can address challenges in your industry, feel free to reach out at Experience the power of Anvil's innovative solutions and revolutionize the way you handle paperwork.

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