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How Anvil streamlines your business with digital workflows

By Anvil Staff

Find out how you can use the tools available from Anvil to create a more efficient document management workflow, and so you can start spending less time on paperwork and more time with clients.

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How Anvil streamlines your business with digital workflows

What is Anvil and why you should be using it

Document management workflow is one of the most important processes that occur within a business but it can be a major pain point for businesses. Every business is different and faces different struggles and if everything doesn’t run smoothly, it can be costly for the company, wasting both time and money. When using hard copy paper documents, there is a trail of tasks that must be performed with each piece of paper as it makes its way around the office. This process can take significant amounts of time and things can get lost along the way. If a document needs to be signed, the person needs to be physically present, which means meetings need to be arranged and attended. Employees also waste time making and filing copies, delivering documents, and other repetitive tasks that can easily be automated by using electronic documents and online workflows.

What is a Workflow?

A workflow is a clearly laid-out plan for completing a task using a certain process. When viewing a workflow, you can easily see each step of the process, along with who is responsible for each component. You can also use workflow management programs like software, apps, and technology to create and monitor workflows and complete tasks more efficiently. This is particularly effective for repetitive processes that get consistent results.

What is a Document Management Workflow?

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A company’s document management workflow is the system used by employees to produce, edit, manage, track, and file documents needed for business processes. These documents get passed from person to person in various departments and/or office locations in order to acquire necessary approval and edits before being finalized, implemented, and stored. During a company’s day to day functions, they could be dealing with mountains of paperwork and wasting valuable time and resources.

For example, let’s say the administrative assistant in an office needs to order supplies. He or she would fill out a purchase request form and turn it in to their manager. The manager would look it over, approve it, and pass it along to the finance or accounting department. They decide whether there are funds available and allotted for this purchase, and sometimes send it to another manager for approval. Once it has been approved, a purchase order is made and sent back down through the chain of employees until it finds its way back to the administrative assistant.

This process takes a significant amount of time, especially if the document gets overlooked or set aside along the way, or worse, gets lost altogether. This document management workflow is inefficient and unreliable. The use of electronic documents and automated document management workflow systems can save time and money, as well as prevent possible misplacement of documents.

What is Anvil?

Anvil takes your paper piles and manual processes and converts them into a streamlined, automated workflow, enabling you to put more focus on your clients, products, or business growth. You can create customized forms and workflows to fit your unique needs and eliminate paper clutter. With the straightforward no-code Anvil Flow Builder, anyone can manage workflows without technical computer knowledge or experience. You can even incorporate e-signatures with DocuSign, save and share data, and track the progress of current tasks. Plus, you don’t need any new software because Anvil integrates with programs you already use.

To put it simply, Anvil is a toolbox full of tools. It is entirely up to you to use these tools for designing your own processes and creating your own success.

Automated Document Management Workflows

Automated workflows can be created for everything from emails to data entry. And the best part is that you can reuse information without entering it into the system multiple times. For example, if you are selling a home, the client would need to put their name and address on multiple forms. With Anvil, you can create autofill documents that put the client’s name and address in every spot where it is needed, and they only have to enter it once.

Benefits for small businesses

Even small businesses can benefit from online workflows, arguably even more than larger businesses. The cost and time required to start and grow a business can be quite extensive, so anything that will save you time and money while still providing the best outcomes is worth looking into. There are numerous ways a small business can benefit from automating their document management workflow.

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Better communication

Faster and more effective delivery of data and updates means better communication, not only with employees, but also with clients, suppliers, and business partners. You can also shorten or eliminate meetings by providing information digitally and enabling several people to work together without traveling. You can even collaborate on group projects and tasks remotely.

Improve your back office

Instead of spending hours at a time receiving and processing purchase orders, you can set up an online workflow to streamline tasks in your back office. Check out some of the back office processes you can easily automate.

  • Receive orders and process requests
  • Process payments
  • Create shipping labels and tracking numbers
  • Track and update order status
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Send and receive notifications when inventory gets low
  • Reorder supplies and products

Increase efficiency

For starters, automated online systems will save your company a lot of money, both long-term and right away. Tasks that formerly required more manpower and hours can be accomplished by fewer employees, saving on payroll and benefits. One of the biggest cost savers that Anvil can help is keeping headcount to a minimum, you can achieve more in your company with the same amount of people you currently employee or even fewer people. Anvil will cause your employees to have more productivity and get more done with your existing staff. Anvil will increase efficiency within your staff because it will relieve your staff of the burden of paperwork and the time it can take.

Increase sales

Best of all, sales will increase dramatically and your company will grow more quickly. With all the time you save, you’ll be able to spend more time building relationships with current clients, as well as attracting new ones. You can also use your system automation capabilities for getting the word out to your mailing list about upcoming events or sales. You can speed up purchase orders and get products out more quickly, and save previous purchase information for clients with ongoing orders. Plus, all the money you are saving is now free to invest back into the growth of your business.

Simplify project management

Anvil Dashboard Simplifies Project Management

Another benefit of automated workflows is that they produce predictable results. You create a process that will accomplish a task using specific steps, make assignments for completing the steps. You are then able to track and manage the status of these steps as they are completed. This makes it easy to measure outcomes and reproduce results, as well as the other benefits listed below.

  • Managers can visually track operations, making it easier to find ways to improve.
  • Critical processes can be reviewed at checkpoints, which helps prevent errors and delays.
  • Assignments are clear and visible to all participating employees, eliminating confusion about who needs to complete which component of the process.
  • Outlining the entire process makes it easier to estimate the time of completion.
  • Easily show investors performance data and processes being implemented.
  • Keep detailed records throughout the process of who completed which task, how long it took, when it was finished, etc.
  • Outline predefined solutions to potential problems to ensure company policies and procedures are adhered to.

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