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Announcing Anvil Document AI

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By Mang-Git Ng

Anvil is launching new AI features to help the world transition off of PDFs and documents.

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Until very recently, whenever I was asked about Anvil’s new AI features, my response was, “there are only a handful of companies that can really do AI; everyone else is just faking it”. Then came 2023; suddenly, every company was an AI company. The shift to AI adoption  (check out our report on AI Readiness/Adoption) is driven by the accessibility of pre-trained AI models, so now companies of all sizes are scrambling to understand the implications of broad AI adoption.

At Anvil we believe that the unique value-unlock we can provide is in the application of AI to solve existing business challenges. Paperwork is one of the biggest headaches in business, that's why Anvil created tools for product teams to bring paperwork online and separate the data from the document. Through the integration of AI into our paperwork automation platform, we aim to help more businesses accelerate their transformation from being offline and document-driven organizations to online and data-driven ones.

So today Anvil is launching 3 new AI-powered features integrated deeply into our product with the goal of creating the best tool for bringing your paperwork online.

AI Document Field Discovery (Beta) - Save time drawing boxes over input fields. Anvil’s automatic AI Document Field Discovery identifies the fields for you, turning static documents into API fillable documents in seconds.

AI Field Identification AnimationAI Field Identification Animation

AI Field Tagging (Beta) - No need to manually tag each field. With a readable name and field type, AI Field Tagging will significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to tag & prepare your library of PDFs.

AI Field Tagging AnimationAI Field Tagging Animation

AI Webform Translations (Announced) - Business is multilingual. Create Webforms in one language and immediately translate them to support customers in their native language.

AI Webform TranslationAI Webform Translation

Every Anvil AI feature is baked directly into how Anvil customers build, use, and consume Anvil products. By using AI to support our Anvil makers, we can help them create experiences that delight and simplify the task of completing tedious paperwork, while moving towards a data-first world.

If you are interested in learning more about these AI features, check out our new AI landing page. Want to see these features in action? Our team is here to guide you.  Drop us a line – or – to request a personalized demo.

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