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New feature: Embed document template, e-sign packet, and Workflow builder UIs

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By Ben Ogle

Enterprise customers can now embed our document template builder, e-signature packet builder, and Workflow builders. Allow your users to build fillable PDF templates and send e-sign packets directly from your own app.

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New feature: Embed document template, e-sign packet, and Workflow builder UIs

Many of our customers operate in paperwork-heavy industries where their own users have custom documents that need to be filled and signed. For example, an HR-tech organization will service many companies, each company with their own custom HR documents; a property-tech organization may have custom documents for each client or property. The same is true for many insurance, health, financial services organizations, etc.

Currently, some of our customers manage custom documents internally. They will create PDF templates for custom documents, then add the templates to e-sign packets and Workflows, all on behalf of their own users. For customers that have many users with custom documents, managing it all with people can be unwieldy.

Enter embedded builder UIs

We know the pain. To address it, we've released the ability to embed our Anvil builder in an app or website.

Instead of managing custom, ad-hoc documents internally (or not at all), you can show your users an embedded Anvil builder so they can do that work on their own.

For example, your users can build custom document templates in your app. Then your system can fill user-generated templates with our API, send them in e-sign packets, and include them in Workflows.

embedded PDF document template builder

You can add e-sign capability to your app by embedding the e-sign packet builder—your users will be able to create and send ad-hoc e-sign packets.

embedded e-sign packet builder

UIs controlled by the API

We support embedding three of our builders:

  • Document template builder
  • Etch e-sign packet builder
  • Workflow builder

Embedding is easy to use through our API. Pre-configure or pre-fill the template, e-sign packet, or Workflow to your liking, then generate an embed URL you present to your user. That's it!

Get in touch

Embedding our builders is an enterprise feature. To learn more about how you can add embedding document templates, e-sign packets, or Workflow builders to your Anvil plan, please reach out to for more information.

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