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Anvil + Zapier: Instantly integrate with 5,000 applications

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By Mang-Git Ng

The Anvil integrations on Zapier simplify workflow automation for both developers and non-developers. Learn how the Anvil and Zapier partnership streamlines tasks, improves productivity, and enables seamless data collection, data processing, and e-signatures across 5,000 applications.

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We are excited to announce that Anvil is an official Zapier partner, the powerful no-code automation tool that allows anyone to easily connect and automate tasks across a wide variety of services.

Anvil’s mission has always been to separate the data work from the paperwork, enabling digitization beyond PDF forms and e-signatures. As an API-first platform, this data has always been easy for developers to integrate into their existing infrastructure. But now, through our integration with Zapier, we’ve made it accessible for non-developers to participate in the power of paperwork automation and experience the benefits of taking a data-first approach. Through Anvil’s Zapier connection, data that was once locked on PDF forms can be easily integrated with the thousands of services available on Zapier, enabling users to streamline their entire workflow, from data collection to data processing and e-sign.

Together, Zapier and Anvil enable the automation of repetitive tasks, such as uploading a signed document to Dropbox or sending a notification to Slack when a user completes a webform. But Anvil goes one-step beyond your standard online form builder or e-signature tool, providing features that can handle the most complex paperwork processes. Connecting Anvil through Zapier, you can generate a PDF sales contract for e-signature when a Salesforce Opportunity record gets marked “Closed Won”. Once signed, the contract can be automatically attached back to the originating Opportunity record, and the contract details, synced directly to Salesforce fields. The Anvil integrations on Zapier makes it possible for users to create custom workflows that are tailored to their specific needs, significantly improving productivity.

We’re excited to see how our users will use this integration to improve their work and their lives. We are proud to be a part of the Zapier ecosystem and are eager to continue innovating our Anvil paperwork platform to better serve our users.

Read more in the press release.

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