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Automating document management processes with Anvil's Zapier integration

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By Sophie Benjamin

Anvil's Zapier integration unlocks end-to-end automation for Workflow users, allowing you to collect information, move data, and trigger actions outside the Anvil platform. Learn more about what Zaps can do and how you can integrate your Anvil account with Zapier.

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As we continuously build software to improve business processes, “operations" remains a ubiquitous function at most technology companies. Ops teams play the critical role of building, managing, and honing workflows before the blueprint for full automation is passed off to engineering.

Every operational workflow can be boiled down to four processes:

  1. Collect information.
  2. Standardize that information into normalized data.
  3. Share that data between people and systems (e.g. integration).
  4. Trigger those people and systems to do things based on the data.

Operations teams are always seeking to optimize efficiency within and across these four processes, often needing to do so before the engineering team is brought in. This is where no-code tools can be crucial, as they enable operators to build automation to replace manual process management. For example, Anvil Workflows empowers non-technical operators to automate disconnected document management processes into a single automated Workflow.

Once operators have automated chunks of their workflow within a system, the natural next step is to connect and extend automation across systems. Without engineering resources, this is often where the operational toolkit involves manual processes that eat up a lot of time.

Anvil’s Zapier integration unlocks end-to-end automation for Anvil Workflow users by enabling you to collect information, move data, and trigger actions outside the Anvil platform. Zapier allows anyone to connect over 4,000 applications to Anvil and build automated triggers and actions (Zaps) across them.

A few examples of what Zaps can do with Anvil:

Here are some other resources to help get you started:

Have a suggestion for a Zap template or have questions about using our Zapier integration? Email our support team at