Case Study: Spruce Health

Case Study: Technology Company - Spruce Health - Logo

The Company

Spruce Health is a technology startup in the healthcare space. They provide doctors with a unified communication platform for communicating with patients. Spruce Health’s platform brings together text, phone, video, fax and email communication so that healthcare provider teams can work together and provide the best patient care. Alongside the communication tools, Spruce Health provides a whole suite of patient management tools to help teams stay up to date with patient information, track communication, provide patient care analytics and integrate with existing software systems.

The Challenge

Confusing phone number transfer forms that were necessary to transfer phone numbers to Spruce Health’s communication platform. Managing the forms requires attention from onboarding managers, and multiple steps of manual tasks paperwork and data-entry tasks.

In order to provide a unified communication experience, Spruce Health has to transfer existing phone numbers into the Spruce Health platform. However, the form provided by phone service companies are antiquated and extremely confusing. They also require supporting documents to be submitted with the transfer form, which were often missing. For a technology company, this was not an ideal user experience for onboarding new clients.

Once the documents were received, there are a series of manual tasks that need to happen in order to complete the number transfer. To start, the information need to be added into the tracking system so that phone number transfer could be properly managed by various members of the team. The forms also required signatures, which meant that the onboarding managers needed to manually download emailed forms and upload them to DocuSign, and then individually send out each signature request.

"Anvil helped us to streamline new customer onboarding, saving us time, and effort, all wrapped in a modern, web-based user interface."
Ari Steier / Customer Success

The Solution

Simplified workflow, automated notifications, less errors in completed forms.

Now instead of emailing new customers pdf attachments, onboarding managers simply share a link to the Anvil workflow. Customers are guided through a series of simple questions that walks them through the process of capturing all the necessary information to complete the form, including the required supplemental documents. Anvil only shows relevant questions eliminating the confusion of having the customer decide what pieces of information is needed.

Once an Anvil flow is completed, the customer is automatically taken to DocuSign to review and sign the completed document. Eliminating the manual tasks and lead time between a client completing a form and having a fully executed and signed document.

After the forms are signed, a signed copy is automatically emailed to the Spruce Health support team, and a task with all of the relevant data is created in the task management system.

The Result

Improved customer experience, shorter onboarding times, increased operational efficiency.

With Anvil, Spruce Health can finally offer a customer onboarding experience that is in line with the experience of using Spruce Health’s communication platform. Using Anvil, Spruce Health could quickly digitize offline documents from third-parties into simple online workflows. Operational overhead with managing documents has been eliminated, and now a single onboarding manager can handle more clients with better customer service.