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Updated Sep 13, 2023

YC SAFE (aka the Y Combinator Simple Agreement for Future Equity note) is a financial instrument used by investors and startups to raise money. The instrument was created by YC and widely used in early stage venture investing. To learn more about the YC SAFE, please visit the YC website.

This Workflow supports the following SAFE notes intended for use by US companies:

  • Safe: Valuation Cap, no Discount
  • Safe: Discount, no Valuation Cap
  • Safe: MFN, no Valuation Cap, no Discount
You can also include the optional Pro Rata Side Letter.

YC SAFE screenshot
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For individuals:
Need to fill out YC SAFE for yourself? We've got you! Fill out this Webform, get a completed PDF, and get it signed.

How to fill YC SAFE, your way.

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Fill YC SAFE with your data

Option 1: via API
If you already have the data, you can use Anvil's PDF filling endpoint to fill the YC SAFE PDF template from any application. Send your data as JSON and receive the filled PDF.
Option 2: via Webform
Generate filled PDF documents with user-submitted data collected through the Webform.
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Need to collect data first? Use our pre-made Webform.

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