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Restore a previous version of a document template

Anvil version controls lets you make changes to your existing document templates with confidence. Building document templates can be an iterative process and version control allows you to easily rollback to an earlier version of your template.

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Version control gives you full control of when and how your document template changes are available for use. When you revert a document template to a different version, the selected version will become the draft saved in the template editor.

The previous version of the template will not be live until the draft is published. You can make further changes or discard them completely before you publish your template.

To revert your document template to a previous version:

  1. Navigate to the document template dashboard
  2. Click the settings icon in the top right corner
  3. Select version history from the dropdown menu
  4. Locate the version you wish to restore
    • You can scroll through the PDF preview to determine if this is the correct version
  5. Click on the the three vertical dots to the left of the version you wish to restore
  6. Select Revert to this version… from the dropdown menu
  7. OK

You'll be automatically redirected to the document template editor where you can make further changes and publish when you are ready.

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