Document templates

Restore a previous version of a document template

Review all previously published versions of a document template using Version history. From Version history, you can rollback a template to any previously published version. When you revert a template, the previous version will become the draft saved in the template editor. The previous version of the template will not be live for use until the draft is published.

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How to navigate to the template editor


Open the 'More options' menu.

Click the vertical ... menu in the right corner of the top navigation bar to open the More options menu.


Select 'Version history'



Browse template versions.

Browse the available versions of the document template in the left menu. When you select a version to view, you will see a preview of the template version to the right. From this view only preview, you can look through the PDF to determine if this is the correct version you are searching for.



Revert template to selected version.

Click the vertical ... menu next to the version name you would like to restore and select Revert to this version… from the dropdown.



Confirm changes.

Your selected version of the template will not be live for use just yet. Confirming changes will replace any current draft of the template with the selected version. You will be taken to the template editor with your selected version ready for editing.



Edit and publish template.

Make any further changes you wish to the template draft and publish when you are ready.


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