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Set default signer options

Whether you’re using Etch packets or Workflows to collect e-signatures, you can set up default signer options so that all of your signers automatically have the same settings. In this article, we’ll show you how to set default signer options for your organization.

If you’d like to configure individual signer settings, please see this article instead.

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Setting up default signer options ensures that all newly added signers in your Etch packets and Workflows will have the same settings. If you have signers that need customized settings, you can always override the default settings at the individual signer level.

To set default signer options:

  1. Navigate to the organization settings page

  2. Click on Etch E-Sign in the organization settings panel

  3. Select or deselect your desired options

  4. Save


  • The Require in-person signature option is a Custom plan feature and will only be applied if in-person signing has been enabled for your organization.
  • Vertical justification options for typed signatues are only available at the organization level.
  • Etch E-sign settings must be configured for each organization individually.
    • Parent organization Etch E-sign settings will not automatically apply to child organizations.
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