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PDF editor

Add a field to a PDF

PDF fields determine where information collected by the webform will be output on the generated document. After adding a field, you can change the type of information the field collects and connect it to a webform field to specify what data it is filled by.

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How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Move your mouse to the location on the PDF where you would like to add a box.


Click and drag to draw a new PDF field.

Click down (left click) on your mouse or track-pad and drag across the screen while holding the mouse. Release your mouse to complete the new PDF box.

New PDF field 1


Edit the new PDF field.

From the PDF field editor on the right, select a Field type and label.

New PDF field 2


Indicate how you would like to fill the field.

In order to fill the new field with information when the Workflow is submitted, you must decide where you would like the data to come from. You can fill the field from:

  1. A connected webform field: a value input by your user on the webform.
  2. A literal value: the same string of characters or use template patterns for string replacement.
  3. An expression: use javascript expressions to make calculations between webform fields.
  4. Do not fill this field: the field will remain blank on the resulting PDF.

New PDF field-3.png

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