Signer editor

Delete a signer from a Workflow

Remove a signer to disconnect a signer from all assigned signature fields in a Workflow. If you would like to remove a signer from a single signature field, disconnect a signer from an individual field instead. Removing a signer will leave all of the signature field boxes associated with the deleted signer on the PDF, ready to be connected to another signer.

Signer editor

How to navigate to the Signer Editor


Hover over the signer you would like to delete.


Delete the signer.

Click the x delete button next to the signer’s name to remove the signer.

Delete signers_ 1


Confirm removal.

Accept the browser prompt acknowledging the removal of the signer.

Delete signers_ 2


E-signatures in Workflows are an Anvil Pro feature. If you are an Anvil Free user and would like to request e-signatures on Workflow submissions, upgrade now to Anvil Pro.

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