Signer editor

Reorder signers in a Workflow

After adding multiple signers to a Workflow, you can determine the order in which they will sign the resulting documents once a Workflow submission has been completed. You can also add logic to PDF signature fields to control when a signer is applicable. If a signer is not applicable for a submission based on logic, the signer will be skipped and e-signatures will continue to be collected by the remaining signers in their respective orders.

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Signer editor

From the Signer editor:


How to navigate to the Signer editor


Hover over the signer you would like to reorder.


Click and hold the double arrow reordering icon.


Drag and drop the signer into the intended order.

reorder signers_ 1

From a signature field:


How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Select a signature field.

Draw a new or select an existing signature field on any PDF to open the field editor in the right side panel.


Select a signer to edit from the signer dropdown.

Click the who needs to sign this field? dropdown. Hover over the signer you would like to reorder in the dropdown and click the edit pencil icon to edit the signer in question.

reorder signers_ 2


Edit the 'signer order' field.

Adjust the ‘signer order’ field to reflect the order in which you would like this signer to sign. Note: from a signature field you can only reorder signers one at a time. Go to the signer editor if you would like to see and reorder all of your signers at once.


Click 'Save'.

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