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Add a page break to a Webform

Some forms can be incredibly long and it can be overwhelming to have all the questions on a single Webform page. Thankfully you can use page breaks to quickly move sets of questions to their own Webform pages. Not only does this make each Webform page more digestible, it also helps you group related questions and information together.

You can also streamline your user’s experience further by applying page logic to hide or show relevant questions. For more information about adding logic to Webform pages, please see this article instead.

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  1. Navigate to the Workflow editor
  2. Navigate to where you’d like to add a page break and hover your cursor between the two fields > click + circle icon The add icon is a blue circle with a plus sign inside
  3. Select + Add Page Break from the dropdown menu The add page break option is the fifth and last option in the dropdown menu

You’ll be automatically redirected to your new Webform page where you can edit the page options and page logic in the Webform editing panel to the left.

The page options you can edit are:

  • Page title (optional) : appears at the top of your Webform page and in the page selector. Can also be used to help filter your search within the page selector.
    Clicking on the page selector will reveal all the pages in a dropdown menu
  • Page description (optional) : appears at the top of your Webform page immediately under the page title. Supports Markdown so you can stylize your description.
  • Page number: allows you to quickly reorder your selected page.
  • Remove page: immediately deletes the selected Webform page. If you accidentally deleted a page, you can use the undo button at the top to restore the page.

The page options tab is to the left of the page logic tab

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