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Save and complete a webform later

Anvil automatically saves a user’s progress as they’re filling out a webform. The “Save & Complete Later” feature makes it easy for a user to complete their webform over multiple sessions by emailing them a link to their submission with their saved progress. The “Save & Complete Later” feature is automatically enabled on all webforms. This article will explain how it works from the user’s perspective. Note: Form access controls, Workflow, and submission locking still apply!

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For a user to send themselves a “Save & Complete Later” email:

  1. From any webform page, click the Save & Complete Later icon on the bottom right of the form. complete later 1

  2. Enter an email address to receive the submission link.

  3. Hit Save & Send email. complete later 2


For a user to pick up where they left off:

  1. Find the email from Anvil and click the link.

  2. Re-enter an access code as needed.

  3. Continue the submission. complete later 3

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