Change the naming of workflow submissions

Change how individual workflow submissions are named in your Workflow dashboard. Your user will not see the workflow submission names. This is different from the workflow name and can dynamically use webform answers to name submissions with information provided by your user, such as a name so that each entry has a unique identifier.


How to navigate to Workflow settings →


Edit the ‘name submissions’ field under ‘submission settings’.

There are three options for setting how submissions are named:

  1. You can choose a value from a webform field. This is the default option and will name the submission based on what your user enters into the chosen field.
  2. You can input a literal value for a name. Use template patterns to differentiate your submissions with string replacement.

Email for assistance. 3. Name submissions with a javascript expression.

Rename Submission 1


Click ‘publish’ to apply your changes.

Rename Submission 2

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