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Add a default value to a Webform field

For many questions, there is a default value that works most of the time. If the response for a Webform field is generally the same, reduce the effort required by setting a default value that can be changed when needed.

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  1. Navigate to the Workflow editor
  2. Click on the desired Webform field to open the field editor panel
    • Confirm that you're on the field options tab Field options is default tab indicated by an underline and bolder text
  3. Select + More options
  4. Click Default value from the dropdown menu Default value is the first option in the more options dropdown mneu
  5. Choose beteween Literal value and Value from form
    • Literal value - A value that is the same everytime this field is displayed
    • Value from form- A value that comes from another Webform field. Only fields that are the same type as the selected field can be used.
  6. Edit the value
    • Literal value - The value must pass the validation check for the specific field The literal value option is on the left side and the radio button is selected
    • Value from form- Click the dropdown and select a value from the pre-filtered lsit of fields The value from form option is on the right side and radio button is selected
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