Add a default value to a webform field

For many questions, there is a default value that works most of the time. If the response for a webform field is generally the same, reduce the effort required by setting a default value that can be changed when needed.

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How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Edit the desired webform field.

From the Workflow editor, navigate to the field for which you would like to set a default value and select it.

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Select 'More options'.

When the field editor panel opens to the left of your webform, make sure you are on the field options tab. At the bottom of the panel, click on More options.


Select 'Default value' from the dropdown.

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Choose between Literal value and Value from form.

Notice that there is a new input field in the panel. Choose between Literal value and Value from form. A Literal value is a value that will be the same every time this field is displayed. A Value from form is a value that is derived from another webform field. Only fields that show up before the currently selected field and also match the type of the current field can be used.

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Edit Literal value options.

Or edit 'Value from form options' below.

If you selected Literal value type in the default value you would like for the field, the Literal value must pass the validation check for the specific field.


Edit Value from form options.

Or edit 'Literal value' options above.

If you selected Value from form, click the dropdown and select a value from the pre-filtered list of fields that are compatible with your currently selected field.

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