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Add a field to a Webform

Add fields to your Webform using the Webform editor to collect information, add explanation text, images, or page breaks. In this article, we'll specifically focus on input fields, which are used to collect information. You can connect or disconnect input fields from your PDF fields at anytime.

For more information about explanation text type fields, please see this article instead.

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There are two types of input fields that can be added to a Webform: an unconnected input field and a input field from PDF.

Unconnected input fields:

Input fields from PDF:

  • Great option if you already have a document template you are converting to a Workflow.
  • Automatically connects to an existing PDF field and populates the PDF field with the information collected by this field.
  • If you change your mind, you can always disconnect your PDF field later.

Add a field to a Webform

  1. Navigate to the Workflow editor

  2. Navigate to where you'd like to add an additional field on the Webform and hover your cursor between two fields > click + circle icon A light blue + circle icon is displayed between two fields

  3. Select the type of input field from the dropdown menu

    • Add Input Field > edit the field options Add input field is the first option the the dropdown menu. An explanation about when it's best to use this field is provided
    • Add Input Field From PDF > choose the PDF field you wish to connect > Add Input Field Add input field from PDF is the second option in the dropdown menu. An explanation about when it's best to ouse this field is provided

You can edit field options and field logic in the field editor panel to the left.

Note: For more information on what types of fields we support, please see our Glossary.

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