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Limiting items in a list field

List fields help collect different types of related information within a Webform. By default, users are able to add as few or as many items to a list field. In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can use the JSON editor to restrict the number of items that may be submitted to list fields. For more information on how to add list fields to your Workflow, please see this article instead.

Please note that the advanced JSON editor is only available on Custom plans.

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List item minimum and maximums are set at the main list level. Both settings are optional and can either be configured individually or simultaneously.

When a field is required, users must enter at least one item before they can proceed. Due to this, we generally recommend specifying a minimum only if you require a user to enter two or more items.

Set input limits on list fields

Here are the options that you can add to your List fields' configuration file:

"options": {
    "max": 5,
    "min": 2
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