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Manage Workflow email notifications

When a Workflow submission is completed, Anvil will send an automated notification email to specified recipients within your organiztion. In this article we’ll go over how you can manage Workflow email notifications.

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When a Workflow submission is completed, Anvil can send out automated email notifications to: Admins, No users, or A custom list of users. You can also decide whether notifications should be sent out for test submissions.

These settings can be applied at both the organization and individual Workflow levels, with individual Workflow settings taking precedence over organization settings.

Manage organization settings

Workflow completion notification settings set at the organization level will apply to all newly created Workflows.

To manage organization settings:

  1. Navigate to your organization settings page
  2. Scroll down to Email Notifications
  3. Make your selections
  4. Save Workflow submission completed notification is the first setting in the Email Notifications section

Manage individual Workflow settings

Individual Workflow notification settings can be set at any time and will override organization settings.

To manage individual Workflow settings:

  1. Navigate to your Workflow settings
  2. Scroll down to Email Notifications
  3. Make your selections Individual Workflow email notification settings are found towards the end of the Workflow settings page
  4. Publish your Workflow

Note: If you’re not ready to apply your changes to live submissions save your Workflow changes instead.

Additional notes

The Workflow notification settings covered in this article are used to alert someone within your organization when a submission has been completed.

Please note that they do not affect the people who are completing the Workflow. Anyone who completes a Workflow will still separately have the ability to download their documents, review emails requesting signatures, and receive emails that signed documents are available for download.

For more information on how to manage signer specific notifications, please see this article.

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