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Reset a forgotten access code

When a webform requires an access code, users will need to remember the access code they set when they first opened the webform to access the webform in subsequent sessions. If a user forgets an access code, you can choose to ask them a security question to recover it (e.g. some piece of information they have already provided in the webform or a piece of information you already know about them). Access codes are accessible to organization members in the submission data, where they can either be retrieved or changed.

If you do not wish to provide forgotten access codes, you can send a new Workflow link to the user to start again from scratch.

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Reset access code 1


Click into the user’s submission.

Reset access code 2


Under the webform, click Update access code.

Reset access code 3


Copy the old access code or set a new one.

Reset access code 4


If you have set a new one, hit save.

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