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Set up automatic Workflow submission locking

By default, users who are in the process of completing a Workflow are also able to access their submission and make edits until the Workflow is submitted. Locked submissions will become uneditable after the set period of time after they are started.

Also by default, members of your organization are able to access and edit Workflow submissions. Locked submissions will only be viewable by logged-in members of your organization.

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Scroll down to the Automatic submission locking section.


Check the box next to Automatically lock submissions based on my settings.

Autolock submissions A


Set the days after start or days after completion when you would like the Workflow to be locked for users and members of your organization.


Add any messaging you would like users to see when they try to access a locked submission.

You may want to include a support email or phone number.

Autolock submissions B


Hit save.

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