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Control how and when signers sign documents

Don’t just collect signatures, collect signatures your way! Anvil helps you customize the signature collection experience and process with signer options and types.

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Anvil helps you make nuanced customizations to your e-signature collection process. In this article, we’ll cover signer options and signer types to show you how to customize the signing experience for every individual.

Signer options

Signer options determine the actual signing experience each signer goes through during the signature collection process. Signer options are available for Workflows and Etch packets, both support the following options:

  • Require signer to draw signature
    • When selected, users are required to draw their signature with their mouse or finger. Draw your signature with your mouse or finger
    • When not selected, a typed signature will automatically be created for the signer. typed signatures and initials will be automatically created
  • Require signer to sign each signature individually
    • When selected, a document preview will be available for users to sign. Users can select all signature fields individually or use the sign all option to automatically sign all documents at once. document preview is shown when users are required to sign each signature individually
    • When not selected, documents may only be previewed through download. Users will be able to sign all documents at once. documents may be downloaded when signatures are not required to be signed individually
  • Notify signer by email after completion
    • When selected, signers will receive a completion email once all signers have signed. The email will include a link to download the completed documents. Email signers will be notified automatically via email
    • When not selected, signers will not receive a completion email.

Signer types

Signer types determine how and when the signature page is presented to the signer. Available options vary depending on your plan and whether or not signatures are being collected as part of a Workflow or as a standalone Etch packet.

  • Sign after filling webforms: (Workflow only) A seamless experience where the signer will sign immediately after completing the last Webform.
    • This option is only available to the first signer.
  • Email: Signers will receive an email with a signature link when it’s their turn to sign.
  • Embedded: An iframe-embeddable signature link will need to be created programmatically and sent to the signer. Please see our documentation for more details.
  • Sign in-person after filling out forms * : Similar to signing after filling Webforms, signers will sign immediately after completing the last Webform.
    • This option is only available to the first signer. In-person signers do not require a signer email address and are instead verified by our system.
  • Sign in-person embedded * : Similar to embedded signers, signers will need to be sent a signing email. If the signing experience is not embedded in an i-frame, signers will need to download, print, sign, and upload their documents.
    • This method does not require a signer email address and is instead verified by our system.

* This option is only available on our Growth and Enterprise plans.

Configuring signer options and types

By default, all the signer options are selected and the first signer is set to sign after filling Webforms. You can configure and update your signer options and types by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Signer editor
  2. Add a new signer or select an existing signer
  3. Select or deselect relevant signer options Signer options are selected by default
  4. Click on the Signer type field
  5. Select your desired option from the dropdown menu Available signer types may vary
  6. Save
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