Test a Workflow

Test submissions allow you to test your Workflow for free as a way to preview what your clients’ webform experience will be before they fill out their respective Workflows.

Test submissions are different from the test mode in the Workflow editor because they allow you to see exactly what your client will see from start to finish, including the final PDF output. Test mode in the Workflow editor is better for testing logic on individual fields and pages. Test submissions are always free and do not count toward completion limits on any Anvil pricing plans.

If your Workflow includes signatures, a sample signature page will be sent to the email entered in the test webform, but resulting signatures will not be valid.

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How to navigate to the Workflow dashboard


Click the "New test submission" button.

1. Notice the yellow button with a beaker on it to the left of the New submission button. Any submissions started with this button will be marked as a "test" submission.

Test Submission 1

2. Click the yellow New test submission button mentioned above and your Workflow’s URL will be copied to your clipboard or will open in a new tab, depending on your Workflow’s settings.


Use the dropdown filter to view your test submission.

1. You can now fill out your test Workflow submission and sample what your client will see when you send them a new submission.

2. Once you have started a test submission, it will appear at the bottom of your Workflow dashboard under "Test submissions". Test submissions can only be deleted, not archived.

Test Submission 2

3. You can filter to see only your "Test submissions" by using the dropdown filter under your Workflow’s title.

Test Submission 3

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