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Update or replace a PDF

Most of the time, document updates are quite minor. Take a W-4 for example – occasionally the year at the top of the document is updated but the rest of the form remains the same. You can easily keep your existing document templates and Workflows up to date by replacing the underlying PDF.

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Replacing the underlying PDF in your Workflows and/or document templates is an easy way to keep them up to date whilst also preserving all your existing fields.

To replace a PDF:

  1. Navigate to your document template or Workflow
    • If your Workflow contains multiple PDFs, navigate to the relevant PDF
  2. Select Replace document in the PDF editor panel to the right
  3. Upload your new document
  4. Save


  • Once a document has been replaced, the action cannot be undone. If you made a mistake, discard your draft changes instead.
  • Updating a document template or Workflow will not update any instances of the PDF that are already in use elswhere. For example, if you previously used a template to create a Workflow, the Workflow will not be updated when you replace the PDF on the original document template.
  • If the formatting of your document has changed, you can quickly shift fields around by using the multi select tool and keyboard shortcuts.
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