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Update or replace a PDF

You can update an existing PDF file with an updated version of the PDF file or with a totally new PDF file within a Workflow or template. Update or replace a PDF in a template in order to update it across all of the Workflows and signature packets that use it or from a Workflow to change a single instance of the PDF.

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How to navigate to the PDF editor


Locate the PDF you would like to replace.

If you have multiple PDFs in your Workflow, use the PDF toolbar dropdown under the PDF name to find the PDF you would like to update or replace.

Update PDF_ 1


Click on the 'Replace PDF' button.

Click the Replace PDF button in the edit PDF panel on the right.

Update PDF_ 2


Select a new document.

Drag and drop a new PDF or docX file or open your file finder by selecting Click to select PDF.

Update PDF_ 3


Click Save.

Click Save to replace the existing PDF with your newly chosen PDF. Notice all PDF fields have remained the same with the updated file.

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