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Vaccine Exemption

Templated proof of a negative COVID test for employees regularly going into the office and claiming vaccine exemption.

HealthcareVaccine Exemption
Vaccine ExemptionHealthcareVaccine Exemption
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Looking to fill out a Vaccine Exemption form? Fill out a Vaccine Exemption form for yourself and download a completed PDF with your information.

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PDF Template

What is the COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption form?

Return to work forms are becoming increasingly prevalent among employers transitioning back to the office, especially with companies requiring proof of vaccination status and taking COVID precautions. In some instances, employees can claim vaccine exemption based on local and state laws.

Types of Medical Exemptions:

  • Documentation from a healthcare provider
  • Religious self-proclaimed

Employees claiming vaccination exemption can submit proof of a negative test on a regular basis as requested by the employer within this form template.

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