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Raising money on a YC SAFE note? Use this Workflow to easily get your SAFE note completed and signed.

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Free Form

Looking to fill out a YC SAFE form? Fill out a YC SAFE form for yourself and download a completed PDF with your information.

Fill via webform

Save our prebuilt Workflow to your account to gather responses from others with a guided webform.

PDF Template

What is the YC SAFE?

YC SAFE also known as the Y Combinator Simple Agreement for Future Equity note is a financial instrument used by investors and startups to raise money. The instrument was created by YC and widely used in early stage venture investing. To learn more about the YC SAFE, please visit the YC website

What type of SAFE notes does this Anvil Workflow support?

This Workflow supports the following SAFE notes intended for use by US companies

  • Safe: Valuation Cap, no Discount
  • Safe: Discount, no Valuation Cap
  • Safe: MFN, no Valuation Cap, no Discount

You can also include the optional Pro Rata Side Letter.