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Automating real estate transaction forms with Anvil

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By Sophie Benjamin

A step-by-step guide to a better real estate form experience. Get started with one of Anvil’s pre-built templates or use your own.

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Automating real estate transaction forms with Anvil

Anvil makes automating common real estate transaction forms simple with our pre-built document templates and Workflows. Our Form Library includes the most common residential and commercial real estate transaction documents, from lease agreements to purchase agreements. In it, you’ll find:

  • Residential rental agreements
  • Residential purchase agreements, including variations for cash offers, foreclosures, and income generating properties
  • Commercial income property purchase agreements
  • Transfer fee disclosure statements
  • Agency law disclosures

Here’s how to automate your most time-consuming real estate forms with Anvil.

1. Start with document templates

For forms that will be used repeatedly, Anvil provides an intuitive document template editor. The editor makes it easy to configure any form into a fillable PDF template that can be used in a signature packet, filled over API, or turned into a Workflow that replaces the clunky PDF experience with a webform experience.

The fastest ways to get started with document templates are:

  1. Use one of Anvil’s pre-built document templates from the Form Library. Just find your desired form under the Real Estate section and click “use API template”.
  2. Upload a fillable PDF into Anvil’s document template editor. Anvil will automatically identify existing fields. You’ll just need to confirm the field types and update field names.

2. Decide to fill or capture

Next, you need to ask yourself: do I already have a good way of getting the information to complete this form? If the answer is yes, you just need to fill it and/or request signatures - move onto step 3a!

If the answer is no, you are going to want to collect that information via a webform. Having clients complete convoluted PDF forms without any guidance or injection of your own brand is hardly an aspirational experience. Furthermore, completing PDF forms on a mobile device is a uniquely frustrating endeavor.

Anvil’s Workflow builder transforms any PDF form into a mobile-friendly webform that is automatically mapped to fill in fields on the PDF (or PDFs). If you need to capture information from clients or your own brokers/agents, a Workflow is the way to go.

The quickest ways to get started with an Anvil Workflow is to:

  1. Create one from one of your document templates (including any you copied from the Anvil Form Library).
  2. Find a pre-built Workflow in the Form Library. Currently, the Residential Lease Agreement is available.

Workflows will also automatically handle e-signature requests from all parties and share copies of the completed documents. Move onto 3b!

3. Choose your level of integration

3a. Fill and sign integrations

  1. For straightforward PDF Filling, use our PDF Fill API.
  2. To fill and request signatures, use Etch e-sign API.
  3. To fully control the client experience, embed e-signature requests directly into your application.

3b. Workflow integrations

You can go a long way towards improving the experience for your clients and brokers just by sharing links to complete their documents and signatures via your customized Workflow.

However, if you do want to take the next step to integrate your Workflow more deeply into your app, there are a few options for how to go about it:

  1. Embed the webform as an iframe in your application.
  2. Inject your own CSS to perfectly match your brand and styling.
  3. Automate pre-filling and sending Workflows with form UI URLs and webhooks.

Ready to get started? Head to our real estate Form library to find the form you need!

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