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Manage white label settings

Applying a custom logo and CSS stylesheet to your organization can help you personalize the look and feel of Workflows and Etch packets. In this article we’ll go over how to manage your white label settings.

For a detailed overview on how white label settings help customize your Anvil experience, check out this blog post instead. If you prefer to use basic color customizations instead, check out our custom colors article.

Please note that white labeling is a Custom plan feature.

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Custom logos

You can upload a custom logo to your organization settings page. The logo will be displayed at the top of the signature page as well as in emails sent to signers.

Default signature pages include the orgnaization name on top Default signature page without a logo Signature pages with a custom logo on top Signature page with a custom logo

Please note that your logo will be shown at a maximum of 30px high and 100% wide.

Custom styling

You can upload a custom CSS stylesheet to stylize Webforms and signature pages. CSS stylesheets allow you to change the colors of different components to match your brand, use your own fonts, change the sizes of elements and more.

A stylesheet that is uploaded at the organization level will be applied to all Workflows and Etch packets in your organization.

You can also override the organization style settings by adding a stylesheet to specific Workflow settings pages. Etch packet style settings can be customized via API. Please see our Etch e-sign documentation for more information about this.

Please note that your css stylesheet needs to be publicly accessible in order for your style changes to apply.

Manage white label settings

Both logos and css stylesheets can be managed from the organization settings. To override css stylehseets at the individual Workflow level, add a different CSS stylesheet to a Workflows' settings page.

To apply organization wide white label settings:

  1. Navigate to the organization settings page
  2. Click on the White labeling tab in the organization settings panel to the left
  3. Upload your logo and/or add your custom stylesheet URL
  4. Save

To apply CSS stylesheets to specific Workflows:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow editor

  2. Click on the settings tab in the top toolbar

  3. Add your custom stylesheet URL to the White label settings section

  4. Publish your Workflow to apply changes

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