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Add logic to a webform array

With arrays, you can apply logic and other field settings at the field (entire array) or subfield level. To show or hide an entire array conditionally, you can add logic just as you would any other field. You can also set logic at the subfield level. For example, in an array for “Accounts”, you may have subfields for account name, account number, account type. If an account type is “retirement”, you may need to indicate whether the account is a 401K or IRA. In this example, you would have subfields for account name, account number, account type, and retirement account type. “Retirement account type” would be conditional based on account type = retirement.

Web form editor

How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Edit the desired webform array field or subfield.

From the Workflow editor, navigate to the field that you would like to add logic to and select it.

Array logic 1


From the field panel, click on the “Field logic” at the top.


Add logic as you would for any other field.

How to add logic to a webform field

Array logic 2

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