Web form editor

Reorder fields on a webform

In the webform editor you can rearrange the ordering of webform fields. Simply drag and drop to move fields within the same page, or use the Move action to rearrange fields across webform pages.

Web form editor

Move within a page:


How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Hover over the webform field you would like to move.


Drag and drop the field into position.

Click and hold the circular double arrow icon on the left side of the highlighted webform field and drag it to the desired location on the page.

Move field 1

Move a field to a different page:


How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Select the field you would like to move.

Click the pencil next to the field name to open the webform field editor panel on the left.

Move field 2


Select the ‘Move’ action.

From the left side field editor, click the Move at the bottom of the panel.

Move field 3


Select a page.

From the Move To Page dropdown, select an existing page you would like to move this field to or create a new one.

Move field 4


Click Move field to New Page.

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